The past few months have seen the cryptocurrency market gain enormous momentum and both widespread media coverage and adoption. As prices continue to soar, many investors have entered the market looking to join the unbelievable bull run that has rolled into 2021. Unfortunately, so too have many bad actors looking to prey on newbies through a range of scams they might not be aware of. At Oobit, your online safety is of the utmost importance to us, which is why we’ve put together these 5 ways to avoid phishing scams. 

#5 Stick To Official Oobit Social Accounts

As a large portion of communication these days occurs on social media, many bad actors take advantage of this and have taken to posing as the platform, employees or seemingly important people. Do not send money to anyone over social media, nor reveal any important personal information. 

At Oobit we will never contact you through social media platforms. If someone does so claiming to be from Oobit, please alert us immediately and end communication. To be safe, here are the official Oobit accounts: 

Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Instagram

#4 Always Check The URL

Hackers can create exact replicas of websites so be certain that when you are entering your credentials that:

  • The URL is correct.
  • There is a lock icon on the left of the URL.

When logging into Oobit, we’ve included a reminder to check that the URL is correct. It should always look like this:

Better yet, bookmark the website and avoid following links in emails. This way you can be certain that you do not fall victim to even the most convincing phishing scam. 

#3 Beware Of Suspicious Links

Fraudsters can obtain a lot of personal information, including passwords and private keys, by getting a user to click on a seemingly normal QR code or link. Be cautious of any links sent through text messages, social media threads, or emails from platforms. On social media, bad actors have posed as platforms using a slightly varied handle and providing a false email address, i.e. @Oobit___ versus the official @Oobit handle.

Always ensure that the email address is the official Oobit one and not a replica. We will only communicate through email addresses that end in, anything else should be avoided. We will also never send QR codes over text messages.

#2 Fraudsters On Social Media And Email

We’ve seen it happen to numerous other exchanges, so best to err on the side of caution: always ensure that the email address or social media account is that of the official Oobit platform. If you are in doubt, please contact our 24/7 live support to ensure that the email contact is correct. We will never ask you to send funds or update passwords immediately – beware of these scams. 

Also beware of hackers providing “customer support” on a thread with an unusual email address. Hackers are pretty smart these days, but fear not – with these 5 ways to avoid phishing scams, so are you. 

#1 Enable 2FA

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: enable 2FA (two-factor authentication) on your account. This provides an extra layer of security, requiring you to enter a TOTP (time based one time password) when logging or executing transactions. Make use of this step by step guide for activating 2FA on your Oobit account. 

Stick To These 5 Ways To Avoid Phishing Scams

The cryptocurrency world is no different from the online banking world when it comes to scams, so best be vigilant and apply these ways to all your sensitive online activities. You’re welcome to reach out to our customer support at any stage if you have any queries on online safety, they will gladly assist. Alternatively, make use of this entire section devoted to Account Security in our Support section.


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