Cryptocurrency markets are known for their volatility, yet people still act so surprised when a bear market hits. Bear markets, while unhealthy for our portfolios, are very much a part of a normal financial ecosystem.

With a war, pandemic, and inflation, many investors are pulling out their money to survive. However, there is no need to panic, this is a very normal market reaction to circulating news and background macroeconomic conditions. In fact, some investors like to look at crashing markets as a chance to accumulate more assets at a discounted price.

If there’s one thing we know when it comes to crypto, it’s that you can’t kill it. You may knock it to its knees, but it always gets back up. The cryptocurrency market and community are highly resilient, as proven by a robust recovery from the now-infamous crypto winter of 2018.

Tokens To Watch In The Bear Market

Bitcoin (BTC)

The first of its kind, a tale as old as time. Bitcoin has a dedicated and confident community pushing it forward and maximalists who will never let Satoshi’s dream die. As the first cryptocurrency, BTC has the support of almost every crypto community that has followed in its footsteps, and it won't stay down for long.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum has created an immersive world of decentralized applications, or dapps. There is an entire ecosystem of dapps, projects, and tokens built on the Ethereum Network. So even if Ethereum takes a knock, it still has the support of hundreds of community-adjacent members who will ensure the network is used.  

Oobit (OBT)

A token with a purpose, this cryptocurrency platform allows users to buy, sell, send, and spend. Having a token with real utility that is tied to a product gives this token a stronger chance of outliving the crash. This platform has a strong use case which ensures its longevity, equal to that of the token’s utility.

Dogecoin (DOGE)

DOGE started as a joke, a mockery of popular coins, and just as a basic token. Dogecoin holds a reputation in the market many wouldn’t aim for in that it was created to be nothing more than a digital currency joke. Users support this currency not out of its practical utility, but purely because they are community members trying to keep this joke running, and hoping to bring this now-iconic altcoin to $1 while they’re at it.

Tether (USDT)

When crypto markets crash, many look to stablecoins to provide the security and stability they need for their assets. Tether is more tied to fiat currency markets (namely the USD) than it is to crypto, and while it may experience some fluctuation, nothing compares to the burn of a crypto bear market. USDT is predominately used to hold other crypto balances through pair exchanging to ensure stability.


This stablecoin falls within the top 10-traded cryptos, and like USDT it has garnered most of its support from users who are trying to avoid excess volatility. USD Coin is also tied to the price of the USD and benefits from the stagnant fiat markets. Again, we will see a lot of users turn to USDC as a stable pair option while trying to avoid the current losses crypto markets are taking.

Will Crypto Markets Survive The Crash?

Out of over 18,000 cryptocurrencies in existence, only 1583 tokens and coins are listed on CoinMarketCap. The rate of success for cryptocurrency projects is not great, but that hasn’t stopped the market cap from reaching an ATH of $3 trillion. Despite the struggles, losses, and failures, cryptocurrency is still a success story to date.

You can’t stop cryptocurrency, it was created to be disruptive, to advance a new financial norm, and it’s not going to be stopped by some bear market sparked by the wax and wane of normal macro cycles. Some may lose money, some may HODL, and some may even buy more, but there is one thing for sure: cryptocurrency will bounce back. Don’t fear the bear market, it’s just an opportunity to buy more—you only lose profits when you sell.


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