Oobit is thrilled to announce that John Linden, a renowned figure in the gaming industry, and a pioneer in the world of Web3 gaming, has joined its advisory board. With his extensive experience and visionary insights, John will play a pivotal role in helping Oobit navigate the exciting possibilities that Web3 gaming and crypto payments bring to the forefront.

Web3 gaming represents the gaming industry's future, with blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) revolutionizing how players interact with digital assets and in-game economies. As the CEO of Mythical Games, a company dedicated to building player-owned economies and partnering with leading game developers and publishers, John brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the Oobit advisory board.

Under his leadership, Mythical Games became a unicorn company as John has spearheaded groundbreaking projects, including the first game, Blankos Block Party, which exemplifies the potential of blockchain technology in gaming.

John Linden shared, "Web3 technologies are reshaping how we interact with digital assets, creating exciting opportunities for innovation. I am thrilled to join Oobit's advisory board and contribute to their mission of establishing an accessible gateway for Web3 payments for everyday consumers.  I see Oobit’s technology as a strong way for gamers to easily be part of a tradeable economy from their favorite games while having access to use these assets in their everyday lives.”

Oobit, a leading mobile payment app, empowers gamers a way to spend their web3 gaming tokens anywhere, seamlessly connecting the world of play-to-earn with everyday transactions, offering a user experience as smooth and convenient as Apple Pay.

Amram Adar, CEO of Oobit, remarked, "We are excited to have John Linden on board. His insights and experience will be invaluable as we strive to facilitate the seamless spending of tokens earned through Web3 gaming and play-to-earn activities."

Oobit's mission to establish itself as the gateway for Web3 payments perfectly complements John's expertise in the Web3 gaming economy. As Oobit actively enhances its capabilities to bridge the divide between the burgeoning sectors of Web3, DeFi, and everyday payments. The company is committed to driving mass adoption and establishing itself as a pivotal player in the Web3 payments ecosystem.

About Oobit

Oobit is a leading mobile payment app that offers a seamless way to pay with crypto both in-store and globally. Users can enjoy a crypto Tap & Pay experience as convenient and smooth as Apple Pay, utilizing existing Visa / Mastercard point-of-sale systems while ensuring merchants receive fiat currency. Since 2017, Oobit has been spearheading the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment for goods and services. The app is designed to provide a secure, practical, and user-friendly solution for individuals to utilize their crypto in everyday transactions effortlessly.