Singapore, Singapore--(Newsfile Corp. - May 24, 2022) - Oobit Technologies Pte. Ltd or "the Company", a financial services and blockchain technology provider, is pleased to announce its co-sponsorship of the Israel Crypto Conference (ICC) 2022 that is taking place in Tel Aviv from May 23rd-25th.

The conference is the largest such conclave held in Israel since the onset of the pandemic in 2020, and will feature a line-up of over 700 entrepreneurs, thought leaders, investors, and policy-makers who are currently revolutionizing the global crypto landscape.

The umbrella sponsor of this week's events is the Israeli Crypto Community, which is a consortium made up of over 80 business entities driving innovation in the crypto, blockchain, and web3.0 space. In recent years, Israel has emerged as a global hub for blockchain startups, venture capital inflows, and a new generation of web3.0 unicorns.

The country also features one of the highest crypto-adoption rates worldwide, with recent Gemini polling reporting that 28% of Israelis owned crypto in 2022, 51% of whom were women thereby making Israel a world leader in crypto gender equality.

Despite the absence of a robust national regulatory and taxation framework for cryptocurrencies, traditional financial service providers in Israel are beginning to warm up to the new world of crypto assets.

In March 2022, Bank Leumi, one of Israel's two largest, announced plans to enable crypto trading in Bitcoin and Ethereum through its digital platform in what represents an important step towards public-sector crypto adoption.

Following its lead are MAX and Isracard, two major Israeli credit card issuers, who announced last week their collaborative plan to provide bitcoin cashback solutions for cardholders.

Oobit is a proud co-sponsor of the 2022 ICC, and its Israel-based thought leadership team will be in full attendance at the conference Alongside globally respected names like eTora and Celsius Networks, Oobit's recent launch of a mobile crypto payment app places it at the forefront of blockchain technology disruptors in Israel and beyond.

Enabling fast, free, and seamless payments between individuals and businesses, Oobit's payment solution strives to accelerate crypto adoption at the grassroots level. The app's crossborder and micropayment capabilities work to promote broader democratization of access to basic financial services for both underserved and crypto-using consumer demographics.

The Company is currently in negotiations with leading CEXs for the listing of its utility token, OBT, and is expecting an official listing in coming months. The Company looks forward to discussing these developments with its blockchain peers over the course of the 2022 ICC.

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