Exciting News! Oobit is thrilled to announce that Phillip Lord has joined us as our new President! With an extensive background in investment banking, blockchain investments, and marketing, Phillip brings invaluable expertise to our team. We are eagerly looking forward to working together and achieving great things.

Phillip’s passion for the crypto industry spans over six years, and he strongly believes in making cryptocurrency more accessible for mainstream adoption. He recognizes the current challenges users face and aims to simplify the crypto payments in real-world applications.

Introduced to Oobit by Moshe Schlisser, one of Israel’s top venture capitalists and an investor in Oobit, Phillip was immediately impressed by our technology, vision, and the exceptional team behind Oobit. After meeting Amram Adar and Aharon Miller, he was blown away and decided to fully commit to joining our team. His excitement is palpable, especially with our launch just around the corner.

Oobit is the easy way to pay with crypto at any store, and worldwide. It’s the app where crypto holders can send money abroad or just walk into any store Tap & Pay anywhere Visa and Mastercard are accepted, just like using Apple Pay®.

With Phillip Lord on board, we are confident in our ability to allow people to have more freedom with their money, as we believe crypto has always been meant to be used as money and for payment against goods and services. It’s safe, secure, private — and simple to set up and use. It’s money, made real.