These days, times are about instant gratification and getting the biggest bang for your buck, and while we’re not in the business of judging this, we are in the business of delivering. Living in the real world among our clientele, we too were weighed down by the “my way or the highway” approach by banks and other financial institutions.

Fast forward a few years and we’ve designed a few new options on how one can manage their finances. Whether you’re looking to transfer money overseas, keep your money in an inflation-free account, or simply be more in control of your funds, we’ve created the perfect solution for you.

And if you want to take it one decentralized step further and want to level up and trade in the DeFi space, we can help there too. Quickly and easily transfer your funds from your secure Oobit wallet to the DeFi pool and back again. Seamless, effortless, and with top-notch security.

With the way in which the world was rapidly evolving, Oobit was destined to be a part of the revolution. The multifunctional app was designed to provide a faster alternative to the regular banking system offering an opportunity for people to engage in the benefits of crypto more seamlessly.

Through the necessary regulatory compliance, we created an app that provides users with access to a range of cryptocurrency markets and secure wallets in which to store these funds. Then, we created a way for friends to use these funds, beyond just buying and selling.

Through the Oobit app, users can send funds instantly to anyone in the world, using just a mobile number. Forget about bank accounts, foreign exchange, and time delays, merging the power of crypto with the innovation of Oobit has resulted in instant crypto payments incurring zero fees.

By using off-chain technology, we’re able to provide this service free of charge and are able to ensure that it is instant. It gets better. This technology extends to businesses, allowing small and large business owners to tap into the 300 million people around the world using cryptocurrencies to pay for goods and services. Taking care of the onboarding and processing, accepting crypto has never been this simple.

Whether you’re buying a cup of coffee, splitting the bill with friends, or sending money to a family member overseas, there really isn’t an easier option. Going forward, when you need to send money, you’ve got Oobit.

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