Bitcoin adoption is materialising in the traditional investment industry, according to a survey conducted by market research firm Pureprofile for Evertas, a crypto asset issuance company. Looking at institutional investors, the survey unveils that investments in Bitcoin are on the rise, and likely to increase dramatically in the coming years. Let’s uncover how the results concluded that 90% of institutional investors want to buy Bitcoin due to regulation.

Investors Across United Kingdom and United States

Looking at institutional investors covering a plethora of family offices, pension funds, insurers, sovereign wealth funds and other institutions in both the United Kingdom and the United States, the participants are believed to manage an accumulated $78.4 billion worth of wealth collectively. According to the survey, this wealth is expected to enter the crypto markets as findings concluded a definite interest in tapping into these markets.

According to the report, 90% of those surveyed intend on investing in digital assets in the next 10 years, while 67% said they expected their crypto investments to increase slightly. 26% of participants expressed intent in “dramatically” increasing their investments across a range of cryptocurrency markets. 

Why Crypto Investments Are Likely To Increase

76% of the participants believe that more mainstream financial services companies and fund managers are likely to enter the markets, creating a wider range of investment vehicles and funds to choose from. 

Looking at other reasons why crypto investments are likely to increase, a large majority looked at regulation development as a preferential factor. In fact, over 80% of the participants said they would increase their crypto investments due to improvements in the regulatory infrastructure of the market. A similar amount of respondents also believe that the crypto markets are likely to grow substantially, increasing liquidity and value. 

Roadblocks In Crypto Market Investments

The report also concludes that while there is interest and motivation to increase investments in these crypto markets, there are some roadblocks that are holding investors back. 56% of survey participants noted that they were “very concerned” about the lack of insurance policies available to support crypto investments, as well as 54% expressed great concern relating to compliance procedures and working practices of companies facilitating crypto services. 

CEO and founder of Evertas, J. Gdanski, commented: “Our research shows that institutional investors are enthusiastic about increasing their exposure to cryptocurrencies and crypto assets in general, but there are clearly many issues regarding the infrastructure that supports these markets that still concerns them. These clearly need to be addressed if the full potential of investment from institutional investors in crypto assets is to be realised.”

Bitcoin Adoption On The Rise

Despite the findings of the survey, 2020 was a great year for Bitcoin adoption nonetheless. This year, BI software leaders Microstrategy purchased 30,000 BTC, while Grayscale grew their Bitcoin fund to over $4 billion. After undergoing the Bitcoin halving, Bitcoin was a hot topic in both crypto and mainstream news, further widening the net and educating the masses. With more investors turning to crypto markets and evidence that 90% of institutional investors want to buy Bitcoin due to regulation, the industry can only be headed in one direction, up


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