With the widespread increase in crypto adoption, the network can often become congested and transactions bottleneck in the Bitcoin mempool. If you’re using Bitcoin for business dealings, sometimes this just isn’t an option.

Thankfully, the tirelessly innovative crypto industry came up with a solution, several in fact. Here we’ll be covering the top 5 Bitcoin transaction accelerators in 2022, to assist you in your time sensitive crypto endeavours.

What Is A Bitcoin Transaction Accelerator?

Due to the Bitcoin network having block sizes of 1MB, when heavy traffic on the network prevails then the blocks are filled quickly and transactions can be left in the mempool for extended periods of time. Bitcoin transaction accelerators are able to fast track the transaction confirmations in exchange for a (usually) small fee.

These accelerators are an off chain service run by the miners themselves. These services allow them to increase their income by charging a fee to accelerate the transaction confirmation time. The miners then incorporate the transaction in their next block and speed up the confirmation process. The service also works for unconfirmed BTC transactions, simply pay the fee and you will be sorted in no time.

Top 5 Bitcoin Transaction Accelerators In 2022

#5 BitAccelerate

This free Bitcoin transaction accelerator allows users to clear unconfirmed transactions and get faster transaction confirmations without needing to sign up. All you need to do is enter your transaction ID and hit the Accelerate button. This then rebroadcasts your transaction to 10 Bitcoin nodes.

Alternatively, users can submit their unconfirmed transactions every 6 hours, although be careful of abusing the platform as they can ban customers.

#4 360 BTC Accelerator

Also requiring no sign up, the 360 BTC Accelerator allows users to fast track the confirmation process. The platform is not run by miners, nor does it involve any mining activities, but instead the platform rebroadcasts your unconfirmed transaction to the network for a small fee in order for it to get picked up by a mining pool.

#3 ViaBTC

Launched in 2017 when the Bitcoin network was dealing with severe congestion (in December 2017 alone it was processing 450,000 transactions a day). Similar to the Bitcoin network, transactions are “free”, however those that pay a higher fee get priority. The free service is limited to 100 accelerations per hour.

In order to push your BTC transaction and enjoy the “free” services you will need to enter your transaction ID as well as pay a small fee of 0.0001BTC/KB. For the paid service users will need to sign up however for the free/small fee service there is no need to log in.

#2 Bitcoin Afterburner

Different to the rest of these top 5 Bitcoin transaction accelerators in 2022, Bitcoin Afterburner is an app that needs to be downloaded from the Android App store. Developed by the software group Samourai Wallet Team, the app uses a CPFP (child pays for parent) system which acts as a wallet and accelerates unconfirmed transactions.

The platform requires users to download the app and sync their Bitcoin transaction, after which the Bitcoin Afterburner service will charge both miners fees and a fee of $5.99 for accelerating the transaction.

#1 BTC.com

Instead of offering an acceleration service of their own, BTC.com partners up with various mining services in order to assist in alleviating network congestion. The platform charges fees based on how busy the network is at that given moment and assists in increasing your transaction confirmation in one hour by 75% and in four hours by 98%.

The Bitcoin Tools You Never Knew You Needed

If you're ever in need of fast tracking a Bitcoin transaction, one of these top 5 Bitcoin transaction accelerators will be ready to assist. You can still send BTC using your Oobit wallet and then enter the transaction ID into any of these options.


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