Bitcoin has changed our entire monetary system, moving the power away from governments and banks and back to the people, empowering the unbanked populations around the world, and offering a more private means of managing finances.

If there was ever a time to buy Bitcoin, it’s right now. Here are 10 reasons to buy Bitcoin in 2022.

10 Reasons To Buy Bitcoin In 2022

10. Grow Your Investment Portfolio

A diversified portfolio is a good portfolio. Bitcoin is a new asset class and area of investment that like stocks, bonds, commodities, and entities has a strong investment potential. More and more investors are turning to Bitcoin as it gains recognition and momentum in the asset class sector.

Bitcoin has seen an increase in mainstream investment interest over the past few years and is starting to appear in pension funds and investment advisor’s recommendations around the world. Even big corporations are moving their reserves to Bitcoin.

9. It Is An Uncorrelated Asset

Bitcoin was initially created in response to the global recession in 2007 and is entirely independent to any fiat currency. As the world economies go through various stages of upheaval, Bitcoin is (almost) entirely unaffected.

When the stock markets crash, or a government decides to print trillions of dollars, the cryptocurrency market remains unwavered by those actions. As Bitcoin is relatively free from fiat markets’ influence, it offers better risk management.

8. Free From Hyperinflation

As we’ve witnessed in economies like Venezuela and Zimbabwe, hyperinflation creates real and devastating effects. Bitcoin is not only free from hyperinflation, it is actually designed to be deflationary.

There will only ever be 21 million coins created, and each 210,000 blocks (roughly every 4 years) the mining reward is halved managing the input of new coins into the market. This decreases the inflation rate over time, and with the limited supply ensures that the value of the cryptocurrency will only increase over time.

7. Strong Store Of Value

Bitcoin has been called Digital Gold, and for good reason. The cryptocurrency has a limited supply, is difficult to mine, has proven to increase in value, and is not controlled by any one organisation or entity.

As gold has proven to be a strong store of value, as has Bitcoin. Bitcoin does one better though in that it is much easier to accumulate, move and store.

6. No One Can Take It Away

With fiat currencies, governments and banks are able to freeze your funds and assets with little to no warning. As Bitcoin is completely decentralized, there is no one that can take the cryptocurrency away from you, or that has access to your accounts (assuming that you are keeping your private keys to yourself). With cryptocurrency, you are entirely in control of your own funds.

5. Blockchain Is The Future

The technology behind Bitcoin is blockchain and is being integrated into industries around the world. The technology not only fits into the financial world, but can be integrated into almost any business, industry and digital infrastructure around the globe.

As blockchain spreads like wildfire and is implemented into many large corporations, so too is Bitcoin becoming a popular payment option that fiat companies are incorporating.

4. Global Pull

Bitcoin is known to empower the unbanked, offering a financial system to people that are outside of city networks and banking protocols. Approximately 1.7 billion people are believed to be unbanked around the world, and Bitcoin offers them monetary inclusion. The cryptocurrency does not discriminate against any users, and allows anyone with an internet connection to buy, sell and trade.

3. Makes You Question Your Financial Control

It’s not often that something makes you question fundamental things that you have always just accepted. Bitcoin has shaken the financial world and forced many individuals to question how much control the government really has over our lives.

From determining the price of local currencies, affecting our savings through politics and corruption, to how much control the bank has over our funds. The list goes on, and Bitcoin has brought this to our attention and offered a decentralized solution that puts the control right back into our own hands.

2. Increases Wealth Of Knowledge

Understanding and learning about Bitcoin will open your world to a wealth of knowledge. From further understanding blockchain and its universal benefits, to learning more about other cryptocurrencies and how each one offers a new use case and solution to the industry. Bitcoin is your gateway drug to a whole world of information, should you wish to expand your technological horizons.

1. Upward Price Trajectory

While Bitcoin experiences undeniable volatility, the pioneer cryptocurrency has increased in value and established itself as one of the highest growing asset classes of the decade. Since Bitcoin’s price was first listed in 2013, the digital asset has increased in value by over 26,000%.

Due to its limited supply and deflationary mechanisms, its value is only expected to continue on this upward price trajectory, and who knows what it might be worth at the beginning of the next decade.

The Time Is Now

Now that you’ve made it to the end of these 10 reasons to buy Bitcoin in 2022 we can only imagine that you’re itching to onboard the digital gold. Oobit offers a safe and reliable way to buy Bitcoin with your credit or debit card, and also offers a military-grade wallet to store it in to ensure that your cryptocurrencies are always protected. The time is now, do your future a favour and tap into this incredible asset class.


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