On October 19, 2022, OBT officially launched on top crypto exchange, MEXC. Alongside the opportunity to buy and trade OBT, the platform conducted an airdrop with a prize pool of 375,000 OBT tokens.

76,000,000 OBT Traded

In just 24 hours after the initial listing, over 5,000 precipitants traded more than 76 million OBT (12.1 million USDT) on MEXC, moving OBT to the platform’s number 1 position in coin rankings and increasing the token value by 180%.

MEXC OBT Trading Events

To celebrate the initial listing, MEXC handed out 375,000 OBT tokens as an airdrop. All coins were distributed to the lucky traders who qualified.

Another exclusive benefit for MEXC's traders was the Trade Mining event, where 147,000 OBT tokens were given to over 800 OBT traders who took part in the event.

OBT Airdrop

To celebrate the initial listing, the OBT airdrop campaign handed out 375,000 OBT tokens to over 5,000 MEXC users. All coins will be distributed to the lucky recipients in the coming days.

Missed out? You can still tap into the OBT Market

Buy OBT on MEXC: https://www.mexc.com/exchange/OBT_USDT

Buy OBT on Oobit app in 3 simple steps:

  1. Download the Oobit app (App Store or Google Play)
  2. Load your wallet
  3. Purchase OBT

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