Oobit (OBT) is an all-in-one financial services platform for cryptocurrency users.

Launched in June 2017, Oobit focuses on three main components: investing, managing and spending crypto along with wallet-style payments such as sending crypto to any of your contacts and Oobit card.

By combining emerging blockchain technology and traditional finance services, Oobit created trusted and easy-to-use products allowing users to utilize crypto without digital walls and complex barriers. Oobit’s native token (OBT) is created on the Ethereum blockchain that is used within Oobit as the basis for all of the ecosystem’s transactions and interactions.

What Makes OBT Unique?

What makes OBT unique is the Oobit platform.

OBT offers a wide range of rewards, perks, and benefits, applicable to the growing Oobit ecosystem.

OBT token holders have several advantages thanks to the token’s circulation. One of the main functions is that Oobit offers discounts for users holding OBT. With this option, investors and traders can save on fees. In addition, OBT owners can stake their coins on Oobit to act as a validator and earn additional OBT for processing transactions on the network. The platform also functions as a secure MPC and Cold wallet backed by GK8, and hosts its own OBT tokens.

How Many OBT Coins Are There in Circulation?

There is a maximum and total supply of 1,000,000,000 OBT tokens. Currently, about 24,339,154 OBT tokens are in active circulation, which represents 2.4% of the total supply available as of November 2021.

Of the total token supply, about 45.12% is set aside in a company reserve. Another 20.81% were allocated for the seed sale of the token. The founders and team members secured about 15% of the total token supply distributed among them and another 7% were dedicated as rewards on the project.

How Is the Oobit Network Secured?

As the Oobit token is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, it is secured by the proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. The OBT token is a standard version ERC-20 token, which means owners can stake it and benefit from staking rewards. The platform also functions as a secure MPC and Cold wallet backed by GK8, and hosts its own OBT tokens.

Where Can You Buy OBT?

OBT is a publicly-tradable token on exchanges, with pairs available for ETH. New to cryptocurrency? Read our easy guide to buying crypto Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

Buying OBT with a credit card on Oobit.com 💪🏼

Swapping ETH for OBT on Uniswap 🦄

Receiving OBT through Community Airdrops 💸

Winning OBT through Contests 🎉

Earning OBT through our staking program 💰


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